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"This Site is for You if You are Believing God for a Mate or the Return of Your mate."

re You or Someone You Know Looking to Get Married?  Are You are in a Relationship but You Aren't Sure It's of God?  If you are believing God for your mate or you are trying to put back together a relationship you know is from God, we may be able to help.

The goal of this site is to provide help and insight into receiving the relationship and marriage God has for you.  Since marriage originated with Him, God wants you married more than you desire to be and knows how to bring it to pass.  The good news is it's just a faith-filled prayer away! So as you seek to receive the wonderful gift of marriage God wants you to have, this site can help you discover how to release your faith and receive the mate God has just for YOU. 

NEWLY ADDED:   The Father has commissioned a Men's Section designed to minister to men 


  • a word from the Lord
    Word of the Lord
    I wanted to share the night vision I received from the Lord.
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    This section is dedicated to the Father.
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    The BASICS  
    Basic lessons in believing God for your mate, the importance of  faith and other valuable info. 
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    Men's Area  
    This section is dedicated to uplifting & encouraging our men in Christ.
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    Read the latest articles for helpful tips in receiving the mate God has for you. 
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    Question & Answers
    Here are questions & answers others had that may help you in your walk of faith.


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The resources were created with you in mind.   "How to Receive the Mate of Your Dreams"  was written out obedience to the Holyspirit.  He instructed me to write it to help others receive the mate He has for them.  Additional resources were birthed out of my walk and experiences God brought me through.  


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    It is my hope that you find answers to issues you may be experiencing as you believe God for your mate.

QUESTION & ANSWER - "When Should I Speak Up?"

QUESTION:  The Lord confirmed it to me through others and even told him through others but he isn't receiving it I don't talk to him about it anymore because I am not God. I feel like I'm not in faith but foolishness to keep holding on.

ANSWER:  You mentioned you have stopped talking to him because your guy isn’t receiving it. That’s the first thing I learned was to NOT discuss anything with them. You can’t reason with someone because God has to reveal it to them.

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My bf and I broke up a month and a half ago. It was very heart wrenching to me, particularly since the Lord had already told me that he was to be my husband (and confirmed his word). Anyhow, a friend of mine that is going through the same situation referred me to this website, which led me to in turn read your ebook. AMAZING!!! It has totally changed my world. I am standing on faith knowing that God has already brought my husband back to me. Thank you for this encouraging website..... Much love in Jesus,

Your kind words have brought me to tears. You never really know if you are doing any good until someone like you says it so eloquently. Thanks so much.

Thank you for have an awesome vision and ministry.

I just wanted you to know how much your article blessed me on today. It was as if God took the pen and wrote every word himself because the very things I had discussed with him were written in detail in your article. thank you for allowing God to use you to do his work especially for singles desiring a mate.

First, I just want to say how blessed I am to have done this service. I know I was led to find this help. I had no reason to go back to your website when I did and that's when I saw the information about one-on-one help and decided to act on obtaining this help.  The process has continued to strengthen my faith and outlook tremendously.